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Dear Visitor,
hello fans,

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Below you will find some information about me and my career as a professional bodybuilder.

Born on July 12, 1972, I grew up in the former GDR.

In 1989, inspired by the film series "Rocky" with Sylvester Stallone I began to train.

I weighed 65 kg and because there was no fitness studio in my place of residence at that time I had to build my first weights from cogs and iron bars by myself. But my passion for strength training was aroused and has not left me to this day.

Then after the first gym opened after the reunion of Germany I became a member there and learned something about nutrition, training and diet for the first time.

My first competition was the Hessian Championships in 1992. I took a disappointing last place there. But this did not leave me discouraged! I continued to train much harder and only one year later I won the NABBA German Championship and also reach a third place at the NABBA Mr. Universe Championship.

Motivated by this success, I decided to become a professional bodybuilder. By winning the International German Championships in 2002, I received the Procard and was allowed to compete in the professional competitions.

In addition to 4 Pro-Grand-Prix victories and many other placings on the podium, I was able to celebrate my biggest sporting success in 2010 with the 6th place both at the Arnold Classic in Ohio and the IFBB Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This disease, which is within my family, has given me a whole new challenges, both humanly and sportily, especially with regard to nutrition. As I have had it done with the problems at the beginning of my career, I decided not to let the disease stop me and continue my career determined!

In 2015, after more than 13 years as a professional bodybuilder, in my mind the thought has risen to seek for a new challenge. For this reason I have been running in competitions in the 212 class since 2016. I was able to reach a second place at the first start. This result is very positive and I am looking forward to the competitions in the future. News to my competition planning you can find on my Facebook page.

Double victory! In May 2017 at my competitions Nr. 71 the "IFBB New York Pro" (until 2004 "Night of Champions") and Nr. 72 the "Toronto Pro Supershow" i achieve my first two victories in the 212er class. This increases the Number of my Pro-Grand-Prix victories to now 6.

Privat, I am living with my life partner Daniela and our daughter at a small village near the town Ulm.

I would like to thank you for the support over the years and I hope that you keep your "fingers crossed" for me and my future journey!

Best regards,
Ronny "The Rock" Rockel